What is Sound Healing?

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.48.06 pmSo what happens in a Sound Healing ?

Excellent Question! Well obviously sound and healing…

But what does this mean and what is it for and who needs it?

Good Question really and probably what goes through the mind of

most people that hear about it.

And the Quantum and the Light? It all sounds very fancy.

So our “Quantum Light Sound Healing” sessions are a two hour

sound healing journey, using Didjeridoos, Chimes, Bells,

Harmonic Whirlies, African Kalimba, Shakers, Rattles, Toning

(voice – Overtone Singing), and more.

It also involves Guided Journey, as all of our sessions are

individual and different. They are all channeled and are different

according to the group, the space, the land and area, and the

individual needs. As we do individual healing as part of the

session as well. It is

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good for the body and physical issues,

emotional issues, stress and the mind, and all the other stuff too.

The two sessions we had in Hopetoun (Blue Vista), so far were

beautiful, and had a very friendly and intimate feel.

There has been lots of interest from the local community, and

the second session was fully booked. (We still have three more

sessions planned at the time of writing).

After a short

introduction, everyone lies down, and the journey


Now, we could probably describe the ‘HOW it all happens’,

with the various instruments, and the energy journey. But, the

real stuff and essence of what this sound healing is about is the

‘WHAT’ happens… and that is… * Magic * …

It will be like trying to describe how Healing occurs, or how

Miracles happen..

We can say that the sound and vibration travels through the

body, the Chakras and energy fields, the space, and clears,

uplifts, transforms and balances your chakras, Aura and energy.

All that said, it

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is all much easier to ‘get’ after experiencing it,

rather than reading about it.

The Didjeridoo is an ancient and sacred instrument of the

Aboriginal people of Australia, and it is very powerful in

clearing negativity, releasing stress, grounding, balancing and

healing you and your energy.

It can be very relaxing, it could be emotional, energizing,


Here are some of the experiences people shared:

“I felt like I was vibrating off the floor, it was amazing”

“I’m really blissed out, really..”

“at some point it felt like you were drawing something out of

my feet”

“I went very deep, and later I was very present, and found the

music just mesmerizing”

“I felt very warm, very cozy”

“I feel like I’m buzzing, I s’pose”

One of the participants that has been suffering from a very

debilitation condition for many years, was feeling great after the

session, and reported feeling much better in the days following

the session.

At the end of our journey, everyone were feeling very relaxed,

peaceful, and happy, and practically, no-one wanted to go


So in conclusion, if you have never experienced sound healing,

go and try it out. Whether it is Didjeridoos, Tibetan or Crystal

singing Bowls. Gongs, Harp, Flutes…

And remember that we can change, shift and heal anything

In our life. And that it is our birthright to live in Peace,

Harmony, Balance, Joy and abundance.

for more information, or any questions visit :


Written by Moriya Light


Sound Healing Journey at Island Healing: Friday the 24th of April 7pm-9pm

Voice and Toning Workshop: Sunday the 26th of April 3pm-5pm


About Moriya and Amita

Amita and Moriya are international Sound Healers, that offer unique and powerful healing journeys. Combining advanced Quantum Light healing tools and understanding with Sound Healing, Didjeridoos and other instruments, to create a transformative, profound, Heart centred healing journey into Oneness, Being, Love and Bliss.

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